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Luxury Mosaic. American Craftsmanship.

Your vision realized with unrivaled dedication to quality and sophisticated elegance.


For over 20 years, Vita Nova has been an industry leader in designing and fabricating mosaic art in glass, ceramic and natural stone.

Our continued success is rooted in a combination of experience and creativity, which has established Vita Nova as the internationally esteemed luxury mosaic studio it is today.


Vita Nova is rewriting the rules of mosaic making, while upholding the fine traditions of American craftsmanship to ensure the quality of its products.

Our in-house art department closely supports each client through the design process and how best to materialize their vision. Be it an image, a sketch or a dream, our team will see it through to a finished masterpiece that will transform the space it occupies.

No matter the scope or scale, the mosaics are fabricated in our fully equipped studio in Southern California and shipped installation-ready anywhere worldwide.

Vita Nova is the leading choice for design professionals and consumers alike.
Our work can be found in luxury hotels, extravagant spas, renowned restaurants, public spaces and refined homes throughout the world.